Sunday, 5 March 2017

Trento Herbal - Tillogas

Alchemical herbal from Trento (MS 1591). End of the XV Century. Language: Latin and Italian dialect from Veneto.



Ad sanandum malum
illiorum Accipe oncias
decem de istius herbe
et quoque in aqua
postea implastetur
super flancham et su
bito sanabitur absque
dubio Item ad dolo
rem dencium Accipe

radicem istius herbe
et pone subtus dente
calida et removet
dolorem :- . . .

Nascitur in terenis
petrosis :- -


To cure iliac
pain, take ten ounces
of this plant
and cook them in water.
Then apply
on the hips and without
doubt there will be immediate
healing. For
toothache, take

the root of this plant
and place it hot
under the tooth and it
removes pain :- . . .

It grows in stony
ground :--

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