Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Cadamosto: die laughing with Apio (water dropwort)

The paragraph about Apio riso (Oenanthe crocata, Water dropwort) from Giovanni Cadamosto's herbal – Img.23 from manuscript ONB Cod. 5264 Han. (1470 ca) Vienna.

Apio riso e caldo et secco in terzo grado. mangiata lherba purga li humori melancolici et discaccia le tristicie del cuore et e inductivo di tanta alegreza chi ne mangiera in qu- antitade ridendo morietur. 

Water dropwort is hot and dry in the third degree. Eating this plant purges melancholic humors and drives sadness away from the heart. It causes such cheerfulness that he who eats a great quantity of it will die laughing.

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