Saturday, 4 March 2017

Trento Herbal - Capud Johannis mazor

Alchemical herbal from Trento (MS 1591). End of the XV Century. Language: Latin and Italian dialect from Veneto.


Capud Johannis

Se alguna persona
avesse mal de ydro
pexia over altra
infirmitate tuo
de questa herba
e faro boire [?] con
vino Puo bevi de
quello vino e sanera
Ancora vale contra

ogni veneno re
cevudo per bocha
Ancora la soa
radixe e bona
aportare con si
per li anemali ve
nenoxi :...

Nasse in monti frigidi
et alti et in luogo oculto


Greater Head of St. John

If a person is affected by
hydropexis or any other
sickness, take this plant
and boil it with
wine. Then drink
that wine and you will be healed.
It is also helpful against

all kinds of venom received
by mouth.
Its root is
also good
to take upon yourself
against venomous

It grows in cold and high
mountains and in hidden places.

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