Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Liège Tacuinum Sanitatis – Roxe / Roses

MS 1041 of the Liège University is one of the earliest Tacuinum Sanitatis. It is attributed to the workshop of Giovannino de Grassi and dated to 1370-90. The text is a simplified version of a work by the physician Ibn Butlan who lived in Bagdan in the XI Century.

Roses are illustrated on f64r.

Transcription: Roxe \ Nature: F[rigidae] i[n] 1o. s[iccae] in 3o melius ex ee plus hodorifere et recentes. \ Juvanmentu[m]: cerebro calido nocume[n]tum efficit quibusdam fodda \ Remotio nocume[n]ti. Cum canfora.

Translation: Roses \ Nature: Cold in the first degree and dry in the third. The best are the freshest and most fragrant. \ Benefits: cure the illness of hot brain to whoever eats them. \ Removal of the illness: with camphor.

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