Saturday, 6 May 2017

Trinity College MS O.2.48 – Barthifos

Cambridge, Trinity College MS O.2.48 is a late XIV Century herbal which is thought to have been written in Germany. Rene Zandbergen has linked the digital scans on the forum.

The text about Herba Barthifos or Barthifas (f94v) is partly lost because the outer margin of the folio is worn.

Transcription: Nomen herbe barthifas. greci dicunt sc[r]onos. | ebrayci landufius vocant. tartari vocant | eam columbanes. herba ista [?] in india nascens | folia huius formata ut manus unam | […] huius in qua sunt folia ab utraque parte | […] cum floribus purpureis semen simile | […]. odorem bonum habens et suave | […] sicata et in pulvere reddata et | […] cum vino allio | […] vini bibita per xv dies. | […] sanat [?] efficacissime. semen huius herbe | […] multa ciatos duos et semen a is | […] potiu jeiuno per ix dies ydropices | […] sanat. flos eius si a mulier | […] vino mero statim menstrum imperat. | Lege eam mense augusti. | Nomen herbe | barthifos | ii [sunt?] species

Translation: The name of the plant is Barthifas, the Greek call it Scronos, | the Hebrew call it Landufius, the Tartar call | it Columbanes. This [?] plant grows in India. | Its leaves are shaped like hands. | […] with leaves on both sides | […] with purple flowers. Its seed is like | […] It has a good and delicate smell. | […] Dried and reduced into powder and | […] with wine, with garlic [?] | […] drunk with wine for fifteen days | […] is very effective in healing [?]. The seed of this plant | with much […] two ciatos [i.e. three ounces] and the seed [?] | […] drunk without food for nine days heals hydropsy. | […] If a woman [drinks?] its flowers | […] with pure wine, menses are immediately provoked. | Pick it in the month of August. | [To the right ot the illustration:] The name of the plant is Barthifos. | There are two kinds [of this plant].

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