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Brescia Ms B.V.24 – Arteticha Montana, Lucia Minore, Oculus Domini

Brescia, Biblioteca Queriniana, Ms B.V.24 is a XV Century manuscript written in North-Western Italy. In this post, I complete the analysis of one of the two pages published in “Di Sana Pianta”, Modena, 1988. The first plant (Caspitres) was discussed here.

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In “Il Giardino Magico degli Alchimisti”, Vera Segre Rutz identifies the three plants in the following way:

  • Herba Artetica Montaria #51 (arnica montana)
  • Herba Bazea Minor et de novem una #47 (daucus carota, carrot)
  • Herba Oculus Domini “Eye of God” #54 (lithospermum officinale? - dubious)

Transcription: Translation:
De lerba a[r]teticha mo[n]tana | Erba arteticha mo[n]tana a p[erson]a che avesse gotti fredi i[n] nodi | deli mane ove[?] di peddi q[ue]sta e[r]ba e da ma[n]za[r]e cu[m] ove e | cu[m] alt[r]a cossa grassa. | A p[erson]a che avesse d[e]scor[n]eria de co[r]po | To q[ue]sta e[r]ba e dagene manza[r]e subito guarisse | A p[erson]a che avesse mal de madrone | To q[ue]sta e[r]ba e dagela ma[n]za[r]e s[ub]itto gua[r]isse e cossa p[ro]uata | Nasse i[n] te[rre]ni fredi erbosi e saluadegi.

De la e[r]ba lucia minore | La e[r]ba lucia minore de li viiii ap[erson]a chi auesse fe[r]ita | alchuna. Toy la foya de q[ue]sta e[r]a e pistala e metella | sula piaga s[u]bitto guarisse | A [person]a che fosse mo[r]duto da s[er]pe[n]te | To la foya e i[n]piastrala sula mo[r]sura leva la r[a]biia[?] e lo | ueneno e guarisse Nasse i[n] te[re]ni fredissimi e p[e]d[r]ossi[?].

De lerba oculus d[omi]ni | Erba oculu d[omi]ni. A p[erson]a che auesse malo de p[e]d[r]a. To | la radice e fane polu[er]e e dagene beu[er]e cu[m] ui[n]o p[er] | spatio de xxx di fa[?] guarito. | Ap[erson]a che auesse la gottta arteticha. | To li foy de q[ue]sta e[r]ba e cosele i[n] aq[ua] e polemete sule gote | p[er] spatio de xv di fa guarit. It[em] chi auesse u[er]mi i[n] co[r[po | fa polu[ere] de le foye e dagen beu[ere] cu[m] uino s[u]bitto gua[r]isse. Nasse | i[n] t[err]eni magrj p[e]d[r]osi.
Mountain Arteticha Plant – The Mountain Arteticha plant for one who had cold gout at the joints of hands or feet: this plant must be eaten with eggs or other fat food. For one who had dysentery: take this plant and let him eat it, he will soon be healed. For one suffering from female disorders [mal de le matrone]: take this plant and give it to eat and she will soon be healed; this thing has been proven. It grows on cold, grassy and wild ground.

Lesser Lucia Plant – Lesser Lucia Plant [one] of nine, for one who had any kind of wound. Take the leaf of this plant, crush it and put it on the wound: it will soon be healed. For one who was bitten by a snake: take its leaf and make a plaster on the wound; it heals, taking rabies and poison away. It grows on very cold stony ground.

Eye of God [Oculus Domini] Plant. The Eye of God Plant, for one who suffers from stones. Take its root, make a powder of it and give it to drink with wine for thirty days: he will be healed. For one suffering from arthritic gout: take the leaves of this plant, cook them in water and then put it on the gout for fifteen days; it heals. For who had internal worms: make a powder of its leaves and give it to drink with wine; he will soon be healed. It grown on thin, stony ground.

Thanks to Davidsch for pointing out a transcription error.

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