Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Trento Herbal - Torogas

Alchemical herbal from Trento (MS 1591). End of the XV Century. Language: Latin and Italian dialect from Veneto. This illustration is peculiar for the many human faces in the leaves and roots. The plant is listed as #3 in Vera Segre Rutz's list ("Il Giardino Magico degli Alchimisti") .

Transcription: Torogas | Contra ogni feride | mortalle :--- | Recipe foie ella se | menza de questa erba e | pestilo inmodo dipiaste | et metilo sopra la feri | da et sanera in q[uattr]o [?] di | Equando tucogli questa er | ba tue die dire Herba | torogas veny adme | exp[ar]te domini nostry yhesu | cristi filij dey vivy | Nasse in monti asprissimy et in luogi ochulti

Translation: Torogas | Against any mortal | wound. | Take the leaves an the | seeds of this plant and | crush them into a paste | and put it on the wound | and it will be healed in four [?] days. | And when you pick this plant | you must say “Torogras | plant come to me | from our lord Jesus | Christ son of the living God.” | It grows on very harsh mountains and in hidden places.

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